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Adams v. Hellings Builders, Inc.: PA Superior Court holds that a homebuilder can be liable for representations made in its promotional materials

Posted in Construction, Construction Fraud, Pennsylvania
Home RenovationIn Pennsylvania, it is well-established that a homeowner can assert claims for fraud and violation of Pennsylvania’s consumer protection statute – the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law (“UTPCPL”) – against a contractor based upon the contractor’s representations, even absent any contractual relationship between the homeowner and the contractor. Essentially, where a contractor makes… Continue Reading

New York U.S. Attorney's Office Expands Inquiry into Fraudulent Billing Practices

Posted in Construction Fraud, Jennifer Horn, New York
By: Daniella Gordon and Jennifer M. Horn Several top New York construction companies have been served with federal subpoenas seeking information regarding their billing practices in connection with New York public works projects.  Skansa USA Building, Inc., Turner Construction Co., Plaza Construction and Tishman Construction Group were among the construction firms served with information subpoenas.  The… Continue Reading

The Check's In the Mail? In New Jersey, You'd Better Mean It

Posted in Construction Fraud, Jennifer Budd, New Jersey, Robert Ruggieri
Separate but commonly owned or related companies are common place in the construction industry. It is also common for contractors to get squeezed by late or nonpaying owners and/or subcontractors demanding payment for work performed. A recent case in New Jersey highlighted the pitfalls contactors and their owners can fall into in these situations, and… Continue Reading

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Fraud: New Trends

Posted in Business, New York
Lane F. Kelman contributed to this post. A recent increase in fraud investigations relating to disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) has caused companies to revisit the qualifications of the DBEs they work with. Two recent investigations in New York State resulted in multimillion dollar settlements after investigators determined two companies were using DBEs as so-called “pass-through”… Continue Reading