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The Early Contractor Gets the Worm: The Active Process of Preserving Construction Claims

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In the world of construction, the old legal saying “equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber on their rights” rings true. A weary contractor risks more than an OSHA violation – when a contractor fails to protect its legal rights, it can wake up near the end of the project only to find that… Continue Reading

Does your Employee Handbook stand up to the Supreme Court's latest decision about accommodations for pregnant workers?

Posted in Business, Compliance, Labor & Employment
Employee BenefitsIn a recent U.S. Supreme Court case about pregnancy discrimination, Justice Breyer asked: “Why, when the employer accommodated so many, could it not accommodate pregnant women as well?”  As an employer, that is a question you should now be asking when preparing, reviewing, or updating your company’s accommodation policies. Many employers have policies and practices to ensure… Continue Reading

Attention Philadelphia Contractors: Do You Comply with OSHA Training and Supervision Requirements?

Posted in Compliance, Construction
The City of Philadelphia has issued new code requirements for construction worker safety training. The new rules went into effect on October 1, 2015, and the Department of Licenses and Inspections has announced that strict enforcement will begin on April 1, 2016. Under the new regulations, all contractors and employees (including subcontractors) performing construction or… Continue Reading

Up in the Air: Drones and the Future of the Construction Job Site

Posted in Construction
Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as “drones,” are appearing more frequently in the skies over construction project sites. Drones  typically operate from a handheld device, such as an iPhone, and can be connected to a Wi-Fi network. The physical design utilizes four to eight rotary blades, which allow for fluid vertical movement and aerial… Continue Reading

OSHA Continues Delayed Enforcement of Confined Space Standard for Residential Contractors

Posted in Construction, Project Management
As we discussed last summer, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a new Confined Space in Construction Standard, which went into effect on August 3, 2015 and required heightened training, continuous worksite evaluations and communication for all construction workers performing work in manholes, crawl spaces, tanks and other confined spaces not intended for… Continue Reading

To Be or Not to Be in Arbitration? That is the Question

Posted in Construction, Contract
Arbitration has become a very common and effective way to resolve construction disputes in lieu of traditional litigation, and it is easy to understand why: The parties can select arbitrators with construction expertise who speak their language and are more likely to understand complex construction issues than a general court of law. Arbitrations are characteristically… Continue Reading

U.S. Department of Labor Issues New Guidance on Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors

Posted in Business, Construction, Labor & Employment
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued guidance on July 15 aimed at curbing the misclassification of employees as independent contractors.  The guidance provides several examples of workers in the construction industry.  It is now clear that the DOL is bent on targeting contractors and subcontractors.  If you have mechanics, installers, estimators, or any workers… Continue Reading

OSHA'S New Rule Increases Protection to Construction Workers in Confined Spaces

Posted in Construction
Last month, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) added a new rule that provides increased protections to those working in confined spaces on construction projects.  The new rule, which goes into effect on August 3, 2015, applies to manholes, crawl spaces, tanks and other confined spaces not intended for continuous occupancy that are located… Continue Reading

Best Practices in Construction Webinar

Posted in Compliance, Contract, Federal, New Construction, Small Business
On December 3, Jennifer Horn and Maria Panichelli presented the second webinar in their core construction curriculum series for Women Impacting Public Policy and Give Me 5%. The presentation, entitled “Best Practices in Construction,” covered suggested best practices for before, during, and after conclusion of a construction project, in the context of both state and… Continue Reading

Jennifer M. Horn and Maria L. Panichelli To Begin Core Construction Curriculum Series for WIPP and Give Me 5%

Posted in Federal, Small Business
Please join Jennifer M. Horn and Maria L. Panichelli as they begin their “Core Construction Curriculum” series for Women Impacting Public Policy’s Give Me 5% program. WIPP is a national nonpartisan public policy organization advocating on behalf of its coalition of 4.7 million businesswomen including 75 business organizations. WIPP identifies important trends and opportunities and… Continue Reading

Construction Lunch & Learn Seminar

Posted in Jennifer Horn, New Construction
Jennifer Horn, Partner in the Construction group of Cohen Seglias is speaking on Comparative Analysis of Critical Construction and Design Provisions Between Mid-Atlantic States at Providence Engineering in Lancaster, PA, on Tuesday, January 14th. For an increasing number of construction related entities – including design professionals – survival in the current economy has meant expansion… Continue Reading

PA's Right to Know Law: An Overlooked Weapon On Public Construction Projects

Posted in Jennifer Horn, Pennsylvania
The phrase “knowledge is power,” like most clichés, proves true more often than not – especially on construction projects where the status and amount of payments, terms of written agreements, and the content of project documents are key. On public construction projects in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law (“RTKL”) provides an effective –… Continue Reading

New $44M Cancer Center to Break Ground in Lancaster, PA

Posted in Jobs, New Construction, Pennsylvania
By: Jennifer M. Horn On September 14th, Lancaster General Health (LGH) is set to break ground on the new Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Center. According to the press release from the LGH, the 70,000 square foot, $44 million center will, “bring medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons and other cancer specialists together in one location…The Suzanne… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Adopts New Fair Share Act that Limits Joint Liability in Negligence Actions

Posted in Kathleen Morley, Pennsylvania
By: Jason A. Copley and Kathleen M. Morely Contractors and subcontractors, and really any business associated with construction, should be pleased with a new law that just took effect in Pennsylvania. In cases where there is more than one defendant, a plaintiff can only recover from each defendant the proportionate value of each defendant’s liability.… Continue Reading

Mid-Atlantic Construction Update: Looking Up?

Posted in Delaware, Jobs, Maryland, New Construction, Pennsylvania
Is construction picking up throughout the Mid-Atlantic region? Here are just a few summaries of headlines for Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania Maryland: As of March 2011, construction projects in several Maryland counties continue to increase, and construction contracts “were up 55% when compared to the same month in 2010.” For the first quarter, future construction… Continue Reading