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Real Estate 101: Knowing Your Property Value and Challenging Your Tax Assessment

Posted in Business, Pennsylvania, Real Estate, Tax
After months, maybe years, of planning, raising capital, obtaining permits and waiting out construction, your gleaming new building is open and occupied. Soon, you’ll get a simple, one-page letter from your county’s Tax Assessment Office. What should you do if that letter indicates that your property is worth about a half-million dollars more than your appraisal… Continue Reading

City of Philadelphia Creates Its Own Adaptation of False Claims Act

Posted in Catherine Nguyen, Daniel Fierstein, Pennsylvania, Tax
Employers doing business in the City of Philadelphia must pay taxes on wages (including salaries, commissions, and other forms of compensation) and net profits. A new ordinance shores up current enforcement mechanisms, arming the City with aggressive penalties on overdue taxes and giving private citizens an enforcement role. About Ordinance 19-1509 Under Ordinance 19-1509, an… Continue Reading

Philadelphia's Actual Value Initiative and Homestead Exemption - How to Soften The Blow of Property Tax Increases

Posted in Marian Kornilowicz, Mark Leavy, Pennsylvania, Real Estate, Tax
By: Marian Kornilowicz and Mark Leavy If you are a resident of Philadelphia, then you likely know about the ongoing turmoil surrounding Mayor Nutter’s pursuit of real estate tax reform. His plan is known as the Actual Value Initiative, or AVI, and will have the effect of increasing the real estate property taxes paid by… Continue Reading