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Carpenters' Company Master Builder Dialogues: Building the Buildings of the Future

Posted in Bonds, Contract, Liens, Pennsylvania, Project Management
Please join us tomorrow, 11/4, for Shawn Farrell‘s presentation “Construction Disputes: Lessons Learned” at the Carpenters’ Company of City and County of Philadelphia’s Master Builder Dialogues. Shawn Farrell has over 20 years of experience litigating construction disputes, and will share the lessons he learned to demonstrate how an effective project management team can identify and manage the risks… Continue Reading

Amendments to Ohio P3 Legislation Add Bonding Requirements with a Twist

Posted in Bonds, Lisa Wampler, Lori Azzara, Ohio
It is no secret within the construction industry that public-private partnership (P3) project delivery has recently become all the rage.  The demand for infrastructure repairs and improvements is high, and the public dollars needed to fund them are scarce.  P3 projects incorporating public and private funding have, therefore, become a creative delivery alternative that states… Continue Reading

Want to Appeal a Bid Protest Decision Involving A Maryland State Contract? If New Legislation Becomes Law, You May Have to Pay to Play . . .

Posted in Bonds, Jennifer Horn, Maryland
New Proposed Legislation Would Require Bond: If House Bill 1488 becomes law in Maryland, bid protesters of state contracts appealing a decision to the Maryland Board of Contract Appeals would be required to simultaneously submit a “protest appeal bond or other form of acceptable security” along with their bid protest appeal. For mid-sized and large businesses,… Continue Reading

Is My Surety the Same As My Insurance Carrier? Not So Much Says a Federal Court in Pennsylvania

Posted in Bonds, Daniel Fierstein, Insurance, John Greenhall, Lori Azzara, Pennsylvania
As members of the construction industry know, to describe the relationship between a surety and the party to whom it issues a surety bond (the principal) as confusing would be an understatement.  In fact, many believe that the surety-principal relationship is similar, if not identical, to the insurer-insured relationship. In a recent federal court opinion… Continue Reading

Virginia Shortens Subsubcontractors' Time to Provide Notice on Public Payment Bond Claims

Posted in Bonds, Jason Tomasulo
By: Jason C. Tomasulo An amendment to the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA) has cut in half the amount of time a sub-subcontractor or supplier has to make a payment bond claim on public construction and transportation projects in Virginia. Payment bonds ensure payment to those who provide labor materials, equipment rentals and public utility… Continue Reading

Delaware Supreme Court Confirms That Sureties May Limit Bond Claimants

Posted in Bonds, Delaware, Robert Ruggieri, Scott Earle
Scott T. Earle and Daniella Gordon contributed to this post. A recent Delaware Supreme Court decision limited the field of bond claimants on a private project. In the case, Berlin Steel proper claimants under bond.pdf the Supreme Court overruled the trial court’s interpretation of an earlier decision that stood for the proposition that all subcontractors, regardless… Continue Reading