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Whatever it Takes? School District of Philadelphia Sues Dozens of its Architecture and Design Professionals

Posted in Architecture, Daniel Fierstein, Lane Kelman
As schools across the country open, most people in the Delaware Valley are well aware of the School District of Philadelphia’s financial woes. As the School District considers measures to help close its massive budget deficit, it has recently begun to take legal action that is particularly interesting. The Lawsuits About one month ago, the… Continue Reading

U.S. Nuclear Power Plants to be Re-Evaluated in Light of Japan's Earthquake

Posted in Architecture, Design and Technology
With reports still coming in about the devastation in Japan, one thing is clear: had the 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck a populated coastal region of the United States, even greater destruction would have occurred. In terms of earthquake and tsunami preparation, Japan leads the way when it comes to disaster preparedness. “If any country understands… Continue Reading

New Zealand's Quake Topples Contemporary Buildings - Even Those with Seismic Retrofitting

Posted in Architecture, Design and Technology
The powerful 6.3 magnitude shallow earthquake that hit New Zealand last week struck less than 6 miles from Christchurch’s historic downtown district, and only about 3 miles below the surface. Engineers were not surprised by the damage and tumbling of the older structures, since the epicenter of the quake was so close to the city,… Continue Reading