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West Virginia Government Contractors Must Continue to Work While Awaiting Approval of a Change Order

Posted in Construction, Contract, Lisa Wampler, Lori Azzara, West Virginia
Construction change orderIn late July, the West Virginia Purchasing Division of the Department of Administration issued an “emergency rule” that exempts construction contracts from a new law regarding change order approval. This new law, which went into effect on July 1, originally required that all change orders be approved by the Purchasing Division and the Attorney General… Continue Reading

New Prevailing Wage Law in West Virginia

Posted in West Virginia
This month, West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomlin signed Senate Bill 361, which significantly adjusts the state’s calculation of prevailing wages to establish an amount more reflective of actual earnings in regions across the state.¬† As Governor Tomlin states, the new law will “address the concerns of hardworking West Virginians while establishing a common sense… Continue Reading

West Virginia Construction Industry Update

Posted in New Construction, West Virginia
It is hard to dispute that the past three years have been difficult for West Virginia’s construction industry, and so far 2011 hasn’t seen much improvement. Employment in the construction industry is down approximately 10% this year over last year, according to The Contractors Association of West Virginia Executive Director Mike Clowser, “We don’t see… Continue Reading

These (Construction) Boots Were Made for Walkin' (Across State Borders)

Posted in Delaware, Design and Technology, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
For an increasing number of contractors, survival in the current economy has resulted in the need to find and secure work in other states. The migration of contractors to neighboring states is apparent throughout the country. Besides the work itself, benefits of an expanded geographic footprint include a broader client base, thereby creating mutually beneficial… Continue Reading

City Hall Restoration Project Begins in West Virginia

Posted in New Construction, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Renovations are underway to restore the historic Wheeling, West Virginia Independence Hall. The Independence Hall building was constructed in the 1800’s and served as the capital building even before West Virginia was formally recognized as a state. As with any older structure, the passage of time has led to the deterioration of the exterior of… Continue Reading

Tragic BP Spill Could Lead to Unexpected Benefits for Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Posted in Jobs, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
The April 20, 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been called the worst environmental disaster in American history. Although the well was recently capped, the spill has resulted in tightened regulations on oil drilling which may unexpectedly benefit other segments of the energy industry, such as Marcellus Shale and coal. Public… Continue Reading