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New York Case Reminds Us That Some Courts Take Notice Provisions Very Seriously

Posted in Construction, Contract, New York
A New York appellate court issued a decision in 2016 that serves as an important reminder to all tiers of the construction industry: courts take the notice provisions in your construction contracts very seriously. In the Schindler Elevator Corp. v. Tully Const. Co., Inc. case, the Appellate Division dismissed a subcontractor’s claim in its entirety… Continue Reading

Beware: New Rigorous Safety Sweeps of NYC Construction Sites to Begin

Posted in Compliance, Construction, New Jersey, New York
On February 12, 2016, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Department of Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler announced a new aggressive campaign to improve worker safety on construction sites. Specifically, commencing next Tuesday, February 16, rigorous safety sweeps of constructions sites ten stories or less are expected to be performed. Doubtlessly,… Continue Reading

SBA Resource Partners Receive $19 Million to Support Hurricane Sandy Small Business Recovery Efforts

Posted in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Peter Plevritis, Shawn Farrell
On April 11, 2013, the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) announced that $19 million in grants will be made to SBA resource partners to support small business recovery in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The funding is part of a package approved by Congress in January to meet the demand for expanded SBA assistance… Continue Reading

New York U.S. Attorney's Office Expands Inquiry into Fraudulent Billing Practices

Posted in Construction Fraud, Jennifer Horn, New York
By: Daniella Gordon and Jennifer M. Horn Several top New York construction companies have been served with federal subpoenas seeking information regarding their billing practices in connection with New York public works projects.  Skansa USA Building, Inc., Turner Construction Co., Plaza Construction and Tishman Construction Group were among the construction firms served with information subpoenas.  The… Continue Reading

Measures to Prevent Damages in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Posted in Jennifer Budd, Lane Kelman, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
By: Lane F. Kelman and Jennifer R. Budd Cohen Seglias hopes that you, your friends and family made it through hurricane Sandy unharmed and without great loss. This storm caused billions of dollars of damage up and down the Northeast Corridor and will have widespread implications. Understanding the different interests and factors at play is paramount… Continue Reading

These (Construction) Boots Were Made for Walkin' (Across State Borders)

Posted in Delaware, Design and Technology, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
For an increasing number of contractors, survival in the current economy has resulted in the need to find and secure work in other states. The migration of contractors to neighboring states is apparent throughout the country. Besides the work itself, benefits of an expanded geographic footprint include a broader client base, thereby creating mutually beneficial… Continue Reading

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Fraud: New Trends

Posted in Business, New York
Lane F. Kelman contributed to this post. A recent increase in fraud investigations relating to disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) has caused companies to revisit the qualifications of the DBEs they work with. Two recent investigations in New York State resulted in multimillion dollar settlements after investigators determined two companies were using DBEs as so-called “pass-through”… Continue Reading

A Balancing Act: New York City's Commitment to Sustainability and The Brooklyn Bridge Forest

Posted in Green Building, New York
Lane F. Kelman contributed to this post. The Brooklyn Bridge is made up of approximately 11,000 tropical wood planks that are exposed to heavy foot and bicycle traffic. Due to the heavy use, the planks require routine replacement. The New York City Department of Transportation faces a difficult task in balancing the competing interests of preserving… Continue Reading

Crossing State Lines: New York Public Bidding Law Allows for Withdrawal of Bids

Posted in Bidding, New York
Although entering the public bidding arena presents contractors with a plethora of opportunities, these opportunities do not come without risk. As many contractors can attest, oftentimes public bidding can seem more like gambling than bidding. This holds true not only when a contractor steps into the public bidding area for the first time, but also… Continue Reading

City Hall Restoration Project Begins in West Virginia

Posted in New Construction, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Renovations are underway to restore the historic Wheeling, West Virginia Independence Hall. The Independence Hall building was constructed in the 1800’s and served as the capital building even before West Virginia was formally recognized as a state. As with any older structure, the passage of time has led to the deterioration of the exterior of… Continue Reading

Hurdles Facing Construction of NYC Mosque

Posted in New Construction, New York
There has been much public discussion centered on the appropriateness of building a mosque in close proximity to Ground Zero. The controversial project to develop an Islamic cultural center in New York City is known as Park51. The political aspects of the Park 51 project are hotly debated; however, most commentators fail to recognize the… Continue Reading